Case Study

Blue Cow Ice Cream

Blue Cow Ice Cream Company is based in Virginia and makes small batch ice cream in unique and classic flavors from quality ingredients that are sourced locally whenever possible. They have three current locations - Virginia Beach, Fredericksburg and Roanoke - and a fourth coming to Richmond in summer 2022.

The Challenge

Jason and Carolyn Kiser founded Blue Cow in 2017 in Roanoke with the desire to elevate the ice cream experience for their customers. They make all their ice cream themselves and most of the inclusions that go in it, and their shops have become a destination for ice cream lovers in the communities they serve.

Experiencing rapid growth, the small, mom-and-pop artisan ice cream company initially turned to George in 2019 to help navigate them through the opening of their second store in Virginia Beach. They knew of her experience in the Virginia food industry and wanted to tap her marketing expertise to help them connect with local foodies in the Virginia Beach area and successfully launch this new location.

After the Virginia Beach store was open and established, Carolyn opted to continue working with George to help with additional growing pains. She also wanted George to advise her on establishing new processes and to act as a sounding board.

The Solution

With monthly phone calls on the calendar, Carolyn and George talk about a variety of business issues. “We initially hired George to help us as we opened a second location, but her perspective was so valuable, I wanted to continue working with her,” Carolyn said. “I like her demeanor and formula for thinking and appreciate her calm presence.”

Sometimes Carolyn has an agenda of what she’d like to discuss and sometimes she simply needs an ear. “When I have something very specific and technical that I need to bounce off her, she guides me through, and sometimes she’s there to listen and offer advice,” Carolyn said. “Either way, I value George’s thoughtful approach and consider her a trusted advisor.”

The Results

Blue Cow now has three locations in Virginia, with a fourth opening in the summer of 2022. Throughout their growth, George has helped Carolyn prioritize her goals. “She has challenged me to be more proactive and put necessary processes into place that weren’t there before. This has ensured that we’ve remained efficient as we’ve grown.”

She also helped simplify their approach to social media and grow their presence. “Thanks to George, we’ve become more thoughtful, strategic and proactive with our social media and have increased our followers and engagement on Facebook and Instagram,” Carolyn said. “That was definitely something we wanted to achieve.”

And finally, George also helped Carolyn with some personal goals she set for herself. “She ensures I realize that I need to take time for me,” Carolyn said. “She makes sure I have a life.”

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