Case Study

Falling Bark Farm

 For many small businesses, managing a website often falls far down the to-do list, well behind the more immediate tasks of day-to-day operations. We helped Falling Bark Farm turn their underperforming website into a viable selling tool in just a few months.

Falling Bark Farm’s original website had not been maintained since it was built several years ago. Most of the syrup company’s sales come from direct sales at farmer’s markets and events, as well as several wholesale accounts. A complicated platform made updating product entries and managing inventory difficult. Our audit revealed that the website was out-of-date, hard to use, and not really an asset to their bottom line.

Falling Bark Farm’s Previous Website

Website Redesign

We recommended Shopify as the best platform to sell Falling Bark products. Shopify is a relatively inexpensive, secure, and reliable way to enter the world of e-commerce. Backed by a robust selling infrastructure and product management system, Shopify is designed to expand as your business expands. The user interface is easy to navigate and they provide tons of training materials written specifically for small business owners.

Good product photography is key to online selling. We shot photos and updated their logo to enhance the site, and to prepare the brand for future packaging updates. We also reviewed their social platform, provided training to a staff member for managing their social content, and developed a series of digital ads.

When we published Falling Bark Farm’s new site, the effect was almost immediate. Compared to the same period from the prior year, Falling Bark’s net sales more than doubled. In addition, the number of orders went up by 64%, and the average order amount increased by 29%.

Falling Bark Farm’s new website is attracting new customers and nurturing existing customers at the same time. Are you a small brand that could benefit from a new website? Curious about our website audit? Let us know! We’d love to help.