Rows of purple robots marching across the screen from right to left

ChatGPT Takes AI Content Another Step Forward

Chat/GPT has been BLOWING UP business news this month, and most of the coverage I see is about the controversy. Is it dangerous? Should we use it? How will we legislate it?

As I read about AI, I kept thinking of the social impact that the Gutenberg press and the invention of tractors had on society. With the current explosion of video content, fractured online communities, and the rapid development of AI technology, I believe we are walking through the middle of another cultural revolution. AI is yet another tool that will change how we work. It already has for me.

I’ve been using AI to help with writing for a long time. I’ve subscribed to Grammarly for over a decade. I still recommend it to my clients because it is a reasonably affordable way to tidy up your written communication. 

When I had a staff of eight, Grammarly helped a brilliant strategist who had no prior office experience write concise, professional emails. She went from a thumb-typing millennial texter to a marketing rockstar with little effort. It also helped one team member with dyslexia and another with terrible spelling create clean and error-free content.

More recently, I’ve added AnyWord to my arsenal. I like that it can be driven by keywords, but it does drift off-topic a bit, so use caution. I am fortunate to be grandfathered in with a reasonable annual rate for the data-driven plan. Still, larger teams may consider the data-driven plan for writing original blogs, improving landing pages, and generating a series of social captions on any given topic.


But (There’s always a BUT) these tools are not meant to work in isolation. Good writing comes from good editing; you should never just cut and paste. What ChatGPT, AnyWord, Grammarly, or any other AI tool won’t do for you is create content that stems from your unique voice. 

The best writing sounds like it comes from a human. Your best marketing comes from your best intentions. Your fans want to know what makes you tick. 

I sometimes use AI to get me started. I always use AI to clean up my results and check for plagiarism. In the middle, I include my point of view and my voice. Many times I reject Grammarly’s suggestions in favor of language that better expresses the feeling behind what I am saying. Of course, I had to try it, so, here's an example of a blog I asked ChatGPT to write for me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about AI.